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Torch OffHand Mod

date date Fri Nov 17 17:08:40 CST 2023"
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Torch OffHand Mod
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Fri Nov 17 17:08:40 CST 2023
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Addon: Torch OffHand - modsgamer.com

Illuminate Your Minecraft World with Off-Hand Torch Compatibility

Embrace the convenience of off-hand torch lighting with this innovative addon, exclusively crafted for Minecraft Bedrock versions 1.18.30 and above. This ingenious creation empowers you to equip a torch in your secondary hand, effortlessly illuminating your surroundings while wielding your tools or weapons.

Mod details


In order to use the torch in the second hand you will need to do the following crafting that will allow you to use the torch in the secondary hand.Addon: Torch OffHand - modsgamer.com 


To make this previously obtained torch work, it is to place it in the 2nd hand and it will begin to illuminate everything around it.Addon: Torch OffHand - modsgamer.com Addon: Torch OffHand - modsgamer.com 

Experimental Games

These are the experimental options necessary for the correct operation of this addon and a correct gameplay and gaming experience.Addon: Torch OffHand - modsgamer.com 

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