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TNT Gun Mod
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Unleash Explosive Havoc with the TNT Gun Addon for Minecraft!

Calling all Minecraft warriors seeking a new dimension of destruction!  The TNT Gun Addon introduces a game-changing weapon to your arsenal – the TNT Gun!  Prepare to rain explosive havoc upon your enemies and their bases with this powerful and destructive tool.

Blow Your Foes Away:

  • TNT-Powered Destruction: The TNT Gun launches TNT projectiles, allowing you to bombard your enemies and their fortifications from a safe distance. Witness the devastating power of explosions as you blast your way to victory!

  • Crafted for Chaos: Craft the TNT Gun using a simple recipe involving iron ingots, gunpowder, and a dispenser. Once you have this weapon in your hands, prepare to unleash unparalleled destruction upon your Minecraft world.

  • Upgraded Explosions: The TNT Gun Addon takes TNT explosions to the next level. Experience enhanced explosion radius and damage, ensuring your enemies are left in the dust (or, more accurately, the TNT dust!).

Download the TNT Gun Addon Today!

Embrace the explosive power of the TNT Gun Addon and wreak havoc upon your Minecraft world!  Blast your enemies into oblivion, destroy their bases with ease, and revel in the chaotic aftermath of your TNT-fueled adventures. Download now and unleash the ultimate destructive force!


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