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ThunderNull's Pakour Blocks Mod

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ThunderNull's Pakour Blocks Mod
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Tue Feb 27 15:34:55 CST 2024
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Unleash Your Parkour Creativity: Introducing the Pakour Blocks Add-on!

Elevate your Minecraft parkour maps to a whole new level with the Pakour Blocks add-on! This versatile tool empowers you to create diverse and challenging parkour experiences with a vast array of unique blocks.

Unveiling the Possibilities:

  • 10+ Block Categories: Explore a wide range of blocks categorized for clear functionality: Decoration, Items, Effects, Connection, Teleportation, Lasers, Contraption, Arrows, and Features.

  • Decoration Options: Spruce up your parkour courses with blocks like Nothing Blocks, Pause Blocks, Warning Signs, Exit Signs, and various wall and floor makers.

  • Interactive Blocks: Integrate Item Blocks (Ender Pearls, Snowballs, Elytra), Effect Blocks (Jump Boosts, Speed Boosts, Regeneration), and Teleportation Blocks for dynamic gameplay.

  • Connection and Automation: Utilize Connection Blocks (Wifi Block, Wires), Glass Makers, Expanders, Compacters, and Virus Blocks to create intricate parkour contraptions.

  • Advanced Features: Experiment with exciting blocks like Clone Blocks, Conveyors, Boom Blocks, Snake Blocks, Key/Keyhole Systems, Structure Makers, and more!

Crafting and Access:

  • Creative Mode Exclusive: Currently, these blocks are exclusively available in Creative Mode for building purposes.

  • Experimental Mode Required: Ensure "Experimental Mode" is enabled to see and use the custom blocks within your world.

Respectful Usage:

  • Do not reupload, steal credit, or utilize textures without permission.

  • Feel free to play, share, and use this add-on for inspiration in your own parkour creations!

Discover More:

  • Dedicated Parkour Map: Explore a comprehensive map, created by the developer and a helper, showcasing the functionality of each block in detail.

Download the Pakour Blocks add-on today and unleash your parkour map design potential!


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