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The Woods Horror Map

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The Woods Horror Map
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A Desperate Search in The Woods: A Haunting Minecraft Horror Map!

Calling all horror adventurers!  The Woods, a chilling Minecraft horror map by TheSavioON, plunges you into a desperate search for a missing boy.

The Story Unfolds:

  • A Missing Child: You are a police officer tasked with finding a missing 10-year-old boy named George. He's been gone for a week, and you're the only officer determined to bring him home. Your search leads you to the town of WoodsVille, the last place George was seen.

  • Into the Unknown: With your partner, Trevor, you venture into the dense woods surrounding WoodsVille. Chapter I: The Woods, marks your initial foray into this unsettling environment. Prepare for Chapter II: The Dark Forest, where the true horror unfolds.

Your Objective:

  • Escape and Uncover the Truth: As you navigate the treacherous woods, prioritize finding the essential items you need to escape. These items hold the key to continuing your search for George and unraveling the mystery behind his disappearance.

A Global Search:

  • The Woods is a haunting experience available in five languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Russian. Important: Ensure your Minecraft language matches the downloaded map version for optimal functionality (e.g., English map requires English Minecraft language).

Join the Search Party:

  • Download The Woods map today and embark on a suspenseful search for George. Can you navigate the horrors of the woods and uncover the truth behind his disappearance?


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