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The TrollerGoblin Mod

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The TrollerGoblin Mod
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Thu Oct 12 18:32:05 CST 2023
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Addon: The TrollerGoblin - modsgamer.com

TrollerGoblin Boss Addon: Add brand new bosses to your Minecraft world

Tired of the 3 bosses in vanilla Minecraft? The TrollerGoblin Boss add-on gives you a brand new Boss: TrollerGoblin. This boss is very dangerous, but also very challenging.

TrollerGoblin is a mutated villager with powerful attack and defense. It can use a variety of attacks, including throwing axes, summoning gremlins, and firing lasers.

To defeat TrollerGoblin, you need to be ready for the challenge. Diamond armor and powerful weapons are recommended. You can also use strategies to defeat it, such as using traps or summoning allies.

Mod introduction
Addon: The TrollerGoblin - modsgamer.com 


  • can shoot llama spits but it takes severe damage and multiple arrows

  • can do knockback and Spin attack

  • can knock you away by using melee attack similar

  • can do summoning 5 zombie villagers and 10 fangs to its specifical enemies

  • when 5 players attacking the boss This mob has ability to summon line fangs similar from MagiSpeller

  • can do jump and leaping


  • Health: 500

  • Speed: 0.38

  • Damage: 10

  • Poisonous/Witherous

  • Spin Attack damage: 10

  • Knockback Damage: 19

  • Spit Damage: 9

  • Scale: 1.2 (!tank)

  • Target Radius nearby: 518


How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature

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How to Use

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3. After download finished, you will get mod file want

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