The Mimic Mod

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The Mimic Mod
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Beware the Mimic! A Deceptive Challenge Awaits in Minecraft

Embrace a thrilling adventure filled with lurking danger with the Mimic add-on for Minecraft!

Unveil the Horror:

  • Mimic: Encounter the classic mimic, disguised as a chest that transforms into a ferocious beast upon approach. (Spawns in dark caves in survival mode)

  • Large Mimic: Face the bigger and fiercer variant, attacking villagers and devouring blocks. (Spawns in dark caves in survival mode)

  • Ender Mimic: Encounter this unique mimic within The End, resembling an Ender Chest and inflicting teleportation.

  • Barrel Mimic: Beware the aquatic threat! This mimic lurks in beaches and swims swiftly in water, inflicting poison.

  • Golem Mimic (Non-Spawning): The most formidable mimic, undetectable by Iron Golems and dealing devastating damage. (Only available through creative mode or commands)

  • Pumpkin Mimic: Beware the festive facade! This mimic is immune to players wearing pumpkins and inflicts weakness upon attack.

Engage in Combat:

  • Strategic Battles: Employ various tactics against each mimic's unique attacks and weaknesses.

  • Valuable Rewards: Earn rare resources like diamonds, obsidian, and treasure maps upon defeating mimics.

Tame the Mimic's Heart:

  • Craft Luggage Pets: Utilize Mimic Hearts to craft helpful companions, each with unique storage capacities and mimicking detection abilities.

Embrace the Challenge:

  • Creative Freedom: Experiment with summoning commands and explore various mimic types in creative mode.

  • Survival Thrills: Encounter mimics naturally in dark caves and navigate the dangers they present.

Download the Mimic add-on today and add a layer of thrilling deception to your Minecraft experience!


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