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The Ice Race Map

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The Ice Race Map
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Fri Dec 29 17:49:31 CST 2023
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Speeding on the ice, the ultimate challenge! The most gorgeous Minecraft boat racing map ever is waiting for you to conquer!

Are you ready for an adrenaline-fueled ice race with your friends? The most gorgeous Minecraft rowing map in history, "Frozen Fury", is now available!

Winding ice paths and beautiful decorations

The ultra-long ice road surrounds the map, and the carefully crafted landscape will dazzle you.

With fluttering colorful flags and embellished ice sculptures, every detail shows the magnificence of the ice and snow world.

Push limits and conquer obstacles

The ingenious obstacles test your operating skills and stimulate your desire to challenge.

Narrow waterways and sharp turns test your driving skills and on-the-spot reactions.

Explore hidden tracks and unlock more surprises

Dynamic systems unlock hidden paths, explore unknown areas, and discover new challenges.

Race with friends to compete for first place and experience the endless fun of rowing racing!

friendly reminder:

Multiplayer games are recommended, the experience is better with friends.

Prepare enough acceleration items to help you break through the limits.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of Frozen Fury? Download the map now and have a blast on the ice with your friends!


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