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The Clay Soldiers Mod

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The Clay Soldiers Mod
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Fri Feb 23 17:50:14 CST 2024
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Unleash Epic Clay Soldier Battles!

Tired of the same old mobs? Spice up your Minecraft experience with the Clay Soldiers add-on! Witness fierce battles between 12 unique clay soldier teams, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Choose Your Warriors:

  • Red Team: The classic soldiers, balanced for offense and defense.

  • Blue Team: Red's rivals, equally skilled but with different specialties.

  • Yellow Team: Green's worst enemies, known for their speed and agility.

  • Green Team: Masters of ranged combat with powerful bows.

  • Clay Team: The base for all other soldiers, offering diverse options.

  • Black Team: Skilled archers and wizards with dark magic.

  • Purple Team: Deadly marksmen with a touch of mystery.

  • Orange Team: Brown's rivals, wielding swords and shields.

  • Pink Team: Beware the archers and wizards of this playful team.

  • Brown Team: Masters of close combat, perfect for frontline attacks.

  • Cyan Team: Well-rounded soldiers with a mix of skills.

  • Zombie Team: Undead soldiers seeking revenge, beware their toxic attacks!


  • 12 distinct teams: Each with unique soldiers, archers, wizards, shielders, and warriors.

  • Diverse combat: Engage in epic battles with bows, swords, shields, and magic.

  • Zombie threat: Face off against powerful undead soldiers and a challenging boss.

  • No crafting: Spawn soldiers directly and start battling immediately.

  • Future updates: More teams, classes, and features planned!

Important Notes:

  • Soldiers don't turn into zombies when killed.

  • They attack any non-friendly team.

  • Soldiers can't swim.

Download and start your clay soldier wars today!


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