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The Batman Who Laugh Addon

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The Batman Who Laugh Addon
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Addon: The Batman Who Laugh - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft mod will be based on the character The Batman Who Laughs.

The Batman Who Laughs is a character in the DC Comics universe and the primary antagonist of the DC Multiverse. He is considered one of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe.

Batman Who Laugh

Addon: The Batman Who Laugh - modsgamer.com

The Batman Who Laughs is a normal human character with no superhuman abilities. His main ability is to attack and damage the player and other entities.


Health: 200

Damage: 6

Special Abilities:

The Batman Who Laughs can say a title that reads "The commands are useless."

He can pick up random blocks multiple times.

The Darkest Knight

Addon: The Batman Who Laugh - modsgamer.com

The Darkest Knight, is the form/transformation of the batman who laughs and what makes him a great villain since he manipulates the universes, he has higher physical abilities.

Health: 3000/can't be killed so easy

Damage: 12.5/20


*summoning lightning bolts

*kill the entities in a range of 2


*once he dies, he revives, becoming immortal and repeats the action of killing entities within a range of 2



Damage: 20, you get more with the effects it gives


Addon: The Batman Who Laugh - modsgamer.com 

Use/Function: kill almost everything

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