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Tesla Model S Mod

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Tesla Model S Mod
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Wed Feb 28 17:34:52 CST 2024
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Cruise in Style with the Tesla Model S: A Minecraft Bedrock Addon!

Embrace sustainable style and high-tech performance with the Tesla Model S add-on for Minecraft Bedrock!

Ride in Luxury:

  • Iconic Design: Cruise around your Minecraft world in the sleek and realistic Tesla Model S, meticulously crafted to replicate the real-life car's elegance.

  • Multiplayer Fun: Gather your friends (up to 4!) and embark on exciting adventures together. Ample storage space in the trunk ensures everyone brings their essential gear.

Simple Set-up:

  • Compatible with Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16: Ensure you're playing the right version for seamless functionality.

  • Easy Installation: Download the add-on, follow the straightforward instructions, and get ready to hit the road!

  • Experimental Mode Required: Activate "Experimental Gameplay" in your Minecraft settings for the add-on to function properly.

Embrace the Future:

The Tesla Model S add-on injects a touch of modern luxury and eco-friendly transportation into your Minecraft Bedrock experience. Download it today and experience the thrill of cruising in style!


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