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Terrible Creatures Mod

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Terrible Creatures Mod
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Tue Mar 05 18:52:46 CST 2024
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Brace Yourself: Monstrous New Mobs Await in This Minecraft Addon!

Are you a seasoned Minecraft adventurer seeking a thrilling challenge?

Look no further than the Monstrous Menagerie Addon, introducing a horde of terrifying new creatures guaranteed to test your mettle!

Face Fearsome Foes:

  • Legendary Leviathans: Confront the hulking Crawler, the abominable Yeti, and the crystalline terror, the Crystal Golem (with a surprising second phase!).

  • Eldritch Abomination: Encounter the Eye of Cthulhu, a ranged attacker that spawns smaller horrors and attacks any mob in sight.

Expanded Bestiary:

  • The Update Delivers: This addon recently received a substantial update, featuring improved animations, including attack sequences.

  • Dragons Take Flight: Soar through the skies on the back of a tamed Chinese Dragon, or face off against the ferocious Black Drake and the ghostly White Drake.

  • Menagerie of Minions: Encounter a variety of new mobs, including the Golem, Grunt, Worm Eater, adding more depth and danger to your Minecraft world.

Important Information:

  • Experimental Gameplay Required: Ensure you have "Experimental Gameplay" activated within Minecraft's settings for this addon to function properly.

Download the Monstrous Menagerie Addon today and prepare to face legendary beasts in Minecraft!


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