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Terraria Trinkets BE Mod

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Terraria Trinkets BE Mod
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Thu Feb 01 19:06:47 CST 2024
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Unleash Powerful Terraria Trinkets in Minecraft!

Ever craved the diverse abilities of Terraria's trinkets to enhance your Minecraft adventures? This Terraria Trinkets Addon brings 37 iconic trinkets directly into your Minecraft world, empowering you with unique boosts and immunities!

Key Features:

  • Head: Blindfold (immunity to blindness/darkness), Bonnet (underwater breathing), Obsidian Skull (fire immunity), Phantom Eye (enhanced darkness vision), Midnight Skull (fire immunity + enhanced darkness vision)

  • Foot: Aglet (increased movement speed), Anklet of the Wind (increased movement speed), Dunerider Boots (speed on sand), Ice Skates (speed on ice), Flipper (swimming speed), Frog Leg (jump height), Frog Flipper (swimming speed + jump height), Flower Boots (plants flowers)

  • Hand: Band of Regeneration (health increase), Valentine Ring (health increase + jump height), Feral Claws (melee damage), Shackle (reduced damage), Ancient Chisel (mining speed), Handwarmer (cooling), Treasure Magnet (increased item pickup range)

  • Body: Jellyfish Necklace (underwater vision), Shiny Red Balloon (fall slow), Lucky Horseshoe Balloon (fall slow + jump height), Obsidian Horseshoe Balloon (fall slow + jump height + fire immunity), Magiluminescence (increased movement speed)

  • 1st Charm: Adhesive Bandage (wither immunity), Bezoar (poison immunity), Fast Clock (slowness immunity), Chorus Heart (levitation immunity), Forbidden Fruit (hunger immunity), Vitamins (weakness/mining fatigue immunity), Ankh Charm (most debuffs immunity)

  • 2nd Charm: Discount Card (lower villager trade prices), Lucky Horseshoe (jump height), Obsidian Horseshoe (jump height + fire immunity), Medicated Bandage (wither/poison immunity), Chorus Clock (slowness/levitation immunity), Neptune's Shell (swimming speed + underwater breathing + vision)

  • Back: Cobalt Shield (decreased damage), Obsidian Shield (decreased damage + fire immunity), Ankh Shield (decreased damage + fire immunity + most debuffs immunity)

Easy Activation:

  1. Read the trinket's info for its "Mode" (On/Off) and "Type" (Head, Foot, etc.).

  2. Switch the mode to "On" to activate the trinket.

  3. Place it in your inventory, not hotbar, for it to work.

Important Notes:

  • This addon is an unofficial port of a Java mod, respecting the creator's work.

  • You cannot wear multiple trinkets of the same type simultaneously.

  • Some trinket crafting requires using additional mods like Azureculture.

Start your Minecraft journey with the power and versatility of Terraria trinkets! This addon opens up exciting possibilities for exploration, combat, and survival.


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