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TemperaturesBedrock Mod

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TemperaturesBedrock Mod
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Wed Feb 28 17:19:34 CST 2024
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Brave the Elements: Conquer Extreme Temperatures in Minecraft!

Seeking a thrilling survival challenge? Look no further! This innovative add-on, crafted by Halo333 and Drazznya, injects a dynamic layer of environmental hazards into your Minecraft world.

Embrace the Challenge: A World of Shifting Climates

  • Dynamic Temperature System: Be wary of your surroundings! Each biome boasts unique temperatures, impacting your character's well-being.

  • Progressive Effects: Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures triggers a series of escalating, negative effects, urging you to adapt or move to a safer biome.

  • Visually Enhanced Experience: Immerse yourself in the challenge with an intuitive temperature indicator showcasing your current state and associated biome.

Master the Elements: Equip Yourself for Survival

  • Crafted for Comfort: Craft specialized armors to mitigate the harsh realities of extreme climates.

  • Wool Wonders: Utilize wool armor (crafted with iron, diamond, or netherite armor and sheep's wool) to combat frigid temperatures.

  • Lava's Embrace: For scorching heat, craft holed armor (also crafted with iron, diamond, or netherite armor and lava buckets) to offer protection.

Embrace the Unknown: Explore and Adapt

This add-on infuses your Minecraft experience with an exciting environmental dimension, rewarding strategic thinking and resourcefulness as you navigate the diverse and ever-changing climate.


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