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Teleporting Ride with Pearls! Mod

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Teleporting Ride with Pearls! Mod
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Wed Jan 24 17:38:22 CST 2024
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Say Goodbye to Travel Woes with Teleporting Ride: Minecraft's Ultimate Multi-Passenger Teleportation Addon!

Tired of leaving your trusty steed behind when you teleport in Minecraft? Introducing Teleporting Ride, the innovative addon that lets you take your horse, boat, minecart, or even trolley along for the ride! No more dismounting before every pearl toss!

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Navigate treacherous oceans in your trusty boat, seamlessly warping across vast distances.

  • Soar through the skies with your loyal horse by your side, ready for adventure.

  • Zoom through mine tunnels in your minecart, effortlessly teleporting along with your precious cargo.

  • Create epic trolley races with friends, teleporting the entire track to new destinations for continuous thrills.

Here's how it works:

  • Craft the special Teleporting Pearl. This magical pearl is imbued with the power of multi-passenger teleportation.

  • Hop on your chosen ride. Whether it's a majestic steed, a sturdy boat, or a rickety minecart, they're all welcome passengers.

  • Throw the Teleporting Pearl. Just like a regular Ender Pearl, aim for your desired location and watch the magic unfold.

  • Poof! You and your ride teleport together! No more frantic scrambling to rejoin your trusty companion.

Teleporting Ride opens up a world of exciting possibilities:

  • Explore far-flung biomes with your loyal horse, always ready to tackle any challenge.

  • Escape pesky mobs in a flash, with your trusty boat whisking you away to safety.

  • Conquer treacherous ravines with your minecart, effortlessly traversing vast distances.

  • Host epic teleporting trolley races with friends, adding a whole new dimension to your in-game competitions.

Say goodbye to tedious travel routines and embrace the freedom of seamless multi-passenger teleportation with Teleporting Ride! Download the addon today and experience the joy of adventure with your trusty companions by your side!

 Teleporting Ride with Pearls! Addon  

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