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Stand Disc PVP Minecraft Map

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Stand Disc PVP Minecraft Map
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Unleash Your Stand's Power in Stand Disc PVP v4.3: An Epic Minecraft PvP Experience!

Calling all JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans! Stand Disc PVP v4.3 is a thrilling Minecraft map that lets you unleash the incredible abilities of Stands in intense player-versus-player battles.

The Ultimate Stand Showdown:

  • Stand-Powered Combat: Channel the power of your Stand in epic PvP battles against your friends. Choose from over 20 unique Stands, each with its own devastating abilities.

  • Multiple Maps: Test your skills across 6 diverse maps, ranging from the iconic "MORI OH CHO" to the eerie "DIO's Castle." Each map offers unique tactical challenges.

  • Stand Ban System: Maintain balance by collaboratively banning up to 3 overpowered Stands before each battle. (Consider mentioning C-Moon and Made in Heaven as suggestions)

Essential Information:

The Lobby:

  • Spawn Point: Upon entering the map, you'll spawn in the lobby.

  • Start Button: The glowing button initiates a new game, but only appears when a previous match has concluded.

  • Lobby Functions: Turn left to access functions like spectating battles and removing your Stand.

In-Case-of-Bug Solution:

  • Suicide Snowball: A snowball sits in your inventory. Right-click or long-press to use it and respawn in the lobby if you encounter bugs during battle.

The Setting Rooms:

  • Random Selection: One player is randomly chosen to become the "setter" upon starting a new game.

  • Setter's Power: The lucky setter gets to choose the map, game mode, and banned Stands for the upcoming battle.

Map Selection:

  • 6 Diverse Arenas: Choose from 6 exciting maps, each with its own strategic advantages and disadvantages:

    • MORI OH CHO: A familiar battlefield for JoJo fans.

    • DIO's Castle: Wage war within the imposing walls of DIO's abode.

    • Desert: Fight beneath the scorching sun in a vast desert landscape.

    • Mansion: Navigate the intricate corridors and rooms of a mysterious mansion.

    • Jail: Utilize the unique layout of a prison for strategic maneuvers.

    • Colosseum: Enter the gladiatorial arena and fight for glory!

Game Mode Selection:

  • Random Stands: Choose this mode for a surprise element, with each player assigned a random Stand.

  • Player Choice: This mode allows players to select their preferred Stands from the available options.

Stand Banning:

  • Banning Power: The setter can strategically ban up to 3 Stands to maintain balance and prevent overpowered strategies.

Stand Selection and Loading:

  • Stand Selection Room: After banning, players choose their Stands from the remaining options.

  • Loading Room: Once everyone has chosen their Stands, they teleport to the loading room.

  • Battle Initiation: The setter presses the button to teleport all players to the battlefield once everyone is ready.

Download Stand Disc PVP v4.3 today and experience the thrill of Stand battles in Minecraft!


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