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Spells & Hacks Mod

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Spells & Hacks Mod
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Thu Dec 21 17:50:26 CST 2023
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Addon: Spells & Hacks - modsgamer.com

Unleash Ultimate Power with Custom Commands! (Minecraft Survival)

Tired of vanilla Minecraft limitations? Introducing Custom Commands: your in-game cheat sheet for survival mode dominance! Unleash a torrent of power right from the chat box, transforming your gear and wielding potent effects on yourself or other players.

Forge OP Arsenal:

  • Hacked Gear: Craft ultimate tools and armor with enchantments reaching a mind-blowing 1000 level! Simply type hack [item] (pickaxe, axe, etc.) and watch your weapon become an unstoppable force.

  • Unleash the Elements: Cast devastating spells through chat commands. Grant yourself immortality, teleport across realms, or rain fire upon your foes!

Addon: Spells & Hacks - modsgamer.com

Master the Spellbook:

  • Powerful Effects: Choose from a vast array of magical boons, including invisibility, lightning strikes, super speed, and even village hero status! Each effect is activated with the spell [effect] command.

  • Precise Targeting: Don't be a lone wolf! Target spells like fire resistance or slow fall on yourself (me), players nearby (near), those furthest away (far), or even everyone in the world (all).

Important Notes:

  • Unlock Potential: Activate gametest in experimental features to unleash the full power of Custom Commands.

  • Community and Updates: Join the thriving community for tips, tricks, and suggestions. New spells and features are constantly being added!

Embrace the ultimate power fantasy! Download Custom Commands and take your Minecraft survival experience to the next level.


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