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Sonic Land Mod
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Addon: Sonic Land -

Sonic Land Addon: Unleash Your Inner Sonic in Minecraft

Transform your Minecraft world into a Sonic the Hedgehog adventure with the Sonic Land Addon, introducing captivating new biomes, formidable foes, and transformative power-ups.

Explore Green Hill Zone

Venture into Green Hill Zone, a vibrant biome reminiscent of the iconic Sonic stage. Discover lush green landscapes, palm trees, and unique structures that will transport you to the world of Sonic.

Uncover Hidden Secrets

Interact with Vanilla the Rabbit and Cream the Rabbit, two friendly NPCs who offer valuable items in exchange for rings and diamonds. Engage in trade with Cream to acquire decorative objects, armaments, and even skins of beloved Sonic characters.

Embark on a Sonic Transformation

Embrace the power of Sonic and his companions by donning their skins. Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow possess the ability to unleash a powerful spin attack, conquer towering heights with super jumps, and navigate with effortless speed. Tails, Silver, and Cream can soar through the skies with their flight abilities.

Harness the Chaos Emeralds

Collect the seven Chaos Emeralds, each granting a unique ability or perk. Summon animals, gain night vision, replenish health, benefit from beneficial potion effects, manipulate the time of day, indulge in Chili Dogs, achieve invisibility, and slow your descent.

Craft Powerful Items

Craft the Sticks Boomerang, Excalibur Sword, and Cyclone Transformation Item to enhance your gameplay. The Sticks Boomerang deals damage to enemies and returns to the player, while the Excalibur Sword wields immense power. Transform into a plane, walking mode, or car with the Cyclone Transformation Item.

Conquer Bosses

Challenge formidable bosses, including Metal Sonic and Drill Eggman, to test your skills and earn valuable rewards. Defeat Metal Sonic to acquire the Blue Chaos Emerald, and vanquish Drill Eggman to obtain the Gray Chaos Emerald and Eggman's Drill.

Summon the Death Egg Robot

Activate the Death Egg Robot, a colossal mechanical menace, by interacting with a goal plate using the Master Emerald. Engage in an epic battle, dodging missiles and robotnik drones, to claim victory and receive a treasure trove of rewards.

Embrace Sonic's Legacy

Transform the Dr. Eggman logo into Sonic's face and activate a captivating musical theme by interacting with a goal sign using a ring. Immerse yourself in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog and create unforgettable adventures with the Sonic Land Addon.


For Minecraft version +1.18.12 or +1.19 you will be required to download the "Block Geometry Fixed​" patch and install it like any texture pack.

Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings

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