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Simplified Terraforming Mod

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Simplified Terraforming Mod
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Mon Feb 26 16:13:06 CST 2024
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Breathe Life into Your Minecraft Landscapes with Simplified Terraforming!

Struggling with tedious terraforming in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Building a marketplace map but lack Java for World Edit? This add-on is your solution!

Effortless Creation:

  • Intuitive Brush Tool: Transform your world with ease using the versatile brush.

  • Simple Activation: Left-click to activate, right-click to work, and sneak + left-click to deactivate.

Menu for Customization:

  • Access brush settings and options through the convenient menu.

Enhanced Performance:

  • Experimental Mode: This mode (requires "Holiday Creator Features") offers optimized performance for smoother brush usage.

  • Simplified Interface: Right-click to open the menu, left-click to deactivate, offering a streamlined workflow.

Nether Update:

  • Nether Palette: Unleash your creativity with a dedicated palette of Nether blocks, including Netherrack, Soul Sand, Magma Block, Glowstone, Basalt, and Blackstone.

  • Lava Creation: Effortlessly generate lava from Netherrack, adding a fiery touch to your landscapes.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Ongoing bug fixes and updates ensure optimal functionality.

  • Future updates promise an expanded block list.

Download and Unleash Your Creativity!

This add-on empowers you to craft stunning and immersive landscapes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition with ease. Download today and embark on your creative journey!

 Simplified Terraforming Addon  

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