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SCP: Operation Praetereo v2.2 Map

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SCP: Operation Praetereo v2.2 Map
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SCP: Operation Praetereo v2.2 - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft SCP Map is based on the background of SCP-682 escaping from the shelter, you need to hunt down SCP-682 until it is killed.

There are 6 ways to play this map(Can support 8 players to play together)

1.Operation Praetereo - Classic, Destroy SCP-682!

2.Free For All (FFA) - Fight to the death with your friends!

3.Buff Totem - Similar to Praetereo action, but enemies get stronger and faster

4.Ultimate Nightmare - Similar to Operation Praetereo, but SCP-682 has a lot of health, cannot be stunned, and only takes 1/2 damage.

5.Super Growth Nest - Classic - Need to withstand 10 waves of monster attacks! Epic battles inspired by DOOM. You can unlock 5.powerful weapons after defeating monsters a certain number of times!

 - Wave 3 will unlock the Praedo, an energy-based chain gun

 - Wave 5 will unlock the Praetereo, a super shotgun with a hook that pulls the user towards walls or enemies.

 - Completing all 10 waves of the Super Nest Classic game mode will unlock the Infinite Ammo cheat code!

 - When activated, all players have unlimited ammo, but no XP bonus, and mission times don't count towards the fastest time display.

6.Super Growth Lair - Endless - Monsters will keep spawning until you get bored or until you die.

7.Super Growth Nest - Destruction - the highest level of difficulty! An Experience for Skilled Players

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