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RWBY Weapons Mod

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RWBY Weapons Mod
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Fri Feb 23 17:58:10 CST 2024
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RWBY Weapons for Minecraft: Unleash the Power of Remnant!

Bring the iconic weapons of Team RWBY to your Minecraft world with this exciting add-on!

Unleash Unique Abilities:

  • Crescent Rose: Ruby's versatile weapon transforms between a deadly scythe, a long-range sniper, and a compact carrying case. Master its modes for devastating melee strikes, precise ranged attacks, and quick storage.

  • Ember Celica: Yang's fiery gauntlets grant resistance and unleash both melee blows and explosive ranged attacks. Unleash your inner brawler with fiery combos!

  • Gambol Shroud: Blake's sleek weapon seamlessly switches between a sharp katana for close-quarters combat and a powerful pistol for ranged dominance. Adapt to any situation with swift attacks and tactical shooting.

  • Myrtenaster: Weiss's elegant rapier holds the power of Dust. Uncover its six elemental modes:

    • Fire Dust: Rain down fiery spears, ignite your blade, or boost your strength.

    • Ice Dust: Summon damaging ice crystals, create a protective ice sheet, or freeze your foes.

    • Lightning Dust: Strike down enemies with lightning, gain supersonic speed, or control the battlefield with electric barriers.

    • Hard Light Dust: Create walls of solid light for offense or defense, adapting to any situation.

    • Wind Dust: Grant allies speed boosts, launch them skyward, or slow down your enemies with strategic wind glyphs.

    • Gravity Dust: Weaken your foes or slow them down with powerful gravity manipulation.

Intuitive Controls:

Simply sneak and right-click your weapon to switch modes. Need more control? Repeat the action until you find the perfect setting!

Start your RWBY adventure today!


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