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Rule Villages Mod

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Rule Villages Mod
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Thu Feb 01 17:33:05 CST 2024
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Craft Thriving Villages and Fortify Defenses with the Village Enhancement Mod!

Tired of static, unproductive Minecraft villages? The Village Enhancement Mod breathes new life into your settlements, transforming them into bustling hubs of production and activity!

Key Features:

  • Village Controller: Craft this central hub to automate resource collection from villagers based on their professions. Enjoy increased resource flow, but beware – it attracts Illager raids!

  • Enhanced Raids: Brace yourself for more challenging and frequent Illager raids, demanding strategic defense measures.

  • Village Guards: Recruit and equip villagers as guards to bolster your defenses against pillagers and protect your hard-earned resources.

  • Refined Production: Process village produce in blast furnaces, smokers, and brewing stands for even more valuable goods.

  • Automated Production Chains: Enjoy balanced, carefully crafted automation options to simplify resource gathering and crafting, freeing you to focus on creative endeavors.

  • Aesthetic Block Production: Craft beautiful decorative blocks efficiently with automated production chains, enhancing your builds without breaking the game's balance.

  • Multifunctional Golems: Utilize golems for mining and as powerful cannons to defend your village against raids.

  • Improved Transportation: Redesigned mules offer increased convenience, while TNT Minecarts transform into chunk-loading hopper chests, enabling automated rail-based item transport.


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