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Rj's Mobs Mod[10 Mobs]

date date Thu Oct 26 16:56:12 CST 2023"
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Rj's Mobs Mod[10 Mobs]
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Thu Oct 26 16:56:12 CST 2023
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Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com

Rj's Mob's: Add more fun to your Minecraft world

Rj's Mob's is a Minecraft add-on that adds some new vanilla-style mobs to the game. These creatures include:


brown bear


Rj's Mob's is a must-have for all Minecraft players. It makes your world more colorful and gives you more exploration and interaction.

Mod details

Here is the current list of Mob's in this pack:

Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com 


  • can be found in plains 

  • can be milked 

  • can be sheared 

  • give raw beef, leather, brown wool

  • can be breeded with wheat 

  • current loot table gives 

Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com


  • can be found in bamboo jungle's 

  • give nothing when killed 

  • have multiple variations

  • can be breeded with bamboo 

Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com

Hammerhead Shark 

  • can be found in deep ocean's 

  • can be bucketed  

    (holyday creator features are necessary)  
Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com


  • can be found in warm ocean's

  • currently just an ambient mob

Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com 


  • can be found in flower forest 

  • currently just an ambient mob 

Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com


  • -can be found in ocean's 

  • -adult and baby varient's spawn naturally 

  • Adulte will give you Poison baby's give Blindness 

  • -current loot table gives: slime balls and glow ink 

Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com


  • can be found in taiga 

  • can be breeded with salmon 


Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com


  • can be found in desert at night 

Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com

Spotted Hyena 

  • can be found in savanna's 

  • can be breeded with meat 

Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com


  • can be found in beach's and river's

  • currently a retextured chicken 

Also this addon does use some experimental feature components, mainly the Holiday Creator Features

Addon: Rj's Mobs - modsgamer.com

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