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Raiyon's More Potions Mod[17 Potions]

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Raiyon's More Potions Mod[17 Potions]
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Tue Feb 20 17:30:07 CST 2024
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Unleash Potion Power in Minecraft : 17 New Potions Await!

Calling all Minecraft alchemists seeking adventure! Tired of the same old potions in Bedrock Edition 1.18? Brew something extraordinary with this exciting addon, introducing 17 unique and potent concoctions to revamp your gameplay!

Potion Potions? We Got You Covered:

  • Beehive Frenzy: Summon bee battalions to attack nearby mobs with the Splash Potion of Beehive. Unleash buzzing chaos upon your enemies!

  • Evocation Fang: Invoke Evocation Fangs on targeted mobs for a few seconds with the Potion of Evocation. Turn the tide of battle with this strategic brew!

  • Explosive Excitement: Sacrifice yourself (and nearby foes) in a glorious explosion with the Potion of TNT. High risk, high reward!

  • Lightning Strike: Channel the storm's fury with the Potion of Copper, generating a powerful lightning strike wherever you gaze.

  • Super Slingshot: Launch yourself like a human projectile with the Potion of Slime. Explore vast distances or surprise your enemies in style!

Beyond the Buzz:

  • Effect Essentials: Discover classic effects like Bad Omen, Golden, Dig Speed, Healthy Heart, and Warden in potion form. Craft them strategically for various gameplay situations.

  • Visual Guide: Explore a handy image (not included in this rewrite) showcasing all potions within the creative inventory for easy identification.

  • Experimental Activation: Ensure optimal functionality by enabling specific experimental settings within Minecraft.

Ready to embark on a potion-fueled adventure? Download this addon today and unleash the power of 17 incredible new concoctions!


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