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Raiyon's More Enchantments Mod

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Raiyon's More Enchantments Mod
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Thu Feb 22 18:06:36 CST 2024
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Tired of vanilla Minecraft enchantments? "Reinforced" injects 18 unique and powerful enchantments into your game, transforming your tools, armor, and elytra into legendary gear!

Key Features:

  • Craft the Reinforced Enchantment Table: Find the upgrade crafting template in Ancient Cities chests and unlock a world of powerful enchantments.

  • Intuitive Enchanting: Simply hit the table with your book and item to enchant, and retrieve the book by destroying the table if needed.

  • Discover Enchantments: Explore structures, battle mobs, or use the creative menu to acquire these exciting enchantments.

  • Elytra Enchantments: Soar through the skies with "Wind Surge" for ramming damage and "Hot Breeze" for campfire boosts.

  • Mining Enchantments: Automate smelting with "Smelting," mine faster with "Mining Speed" and its haste chance, and clear areas with "Deep Breaker" for sneaky stone mining.

  • Combat Enchantments: Unleash area-of-effect damage with "Sweeping Edge," slow down foes with "Soul Drag," and emit a radiant aura with "Glowing Aura."

  • Utility Enchantments: Gain extra health with "Vitality," bounce off falls with "Slime Falling," and enjoy infinite arrows with "Illager Loyalty" for your crossbow.

  • More Exciting Enchantments: Discover the remaining enchantments like "Fire Charge," "Slime Push," and "Fire Riptide" to customize your gear further!


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