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Raiyon's Java Combat Mod

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Raiyon's Java Combat Mod
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Wed Feb 07 16:19:07 CST 2024
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Get the Java Experience in Bedrock with This Game-Changing Combat Addon!

Ever craved that authentic Java combat feeling in your Minecraft Bedrock Edition worlds? Look no further! This innovative addon seamlessly integrates a cooldown-based combat system, sound effects, and animations, transforming your Bedrock experience into a faithful replica of Java Edition combat.

Unleash Your Inner Java Warrior:

  • Master the cooldown system: Manage your attacks strategically with weapon-specific cooldowns, visually represented by a loading bar for optimal timing.

  • Dominate with Sweeping Edge: Unleash devastating area-of-effect attacks with charged sword strikes, perfect for clearing mobs and gathering loot on farms.

  • Land critical hits: Experience the thrill of critical hits, complete with visual cues and that iconic Java Edition sound effect.

  • Defend with precision: Employ shields to block incoming attacks for 5 seconds, strategically countering your opponents with axe swings.

  • Embrace customization: Choose between two versions: Cooldown Animation for enhanced visuals (requires Experimental Features) or Compatible with Other Tools for broader addon support.

Combat Beyond Swords and Axes:

This addon extends beyond conventional weaponry, supporting an impressive range of tools for a truly immersive Java-like experience:

  • Pickaxes, shovels, hoes, and more: Engage in combat using various tools, each with their own unique cooldowns and functionalities.

  • Diverse mods and expansions: Enjoy seamless compatibility with other addons, enhancing your gameplay without compromising on the core Java combat mechanics.

Ready to elevate your Bedrock adventures?

Download the Java Combat Addon today and:

  • Experience authentic Java Edition combat mechanics in your Bedrock world.

  • Master cooldowns, land critical hits, and strategically block attacks.

  • Enjoy extensive tool compatibility and explore endless possibilities.

Remember to delete previous versions before installing the latest update. Stay updated for further improvements and exciting developments!




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