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popular mini-game mod

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popular mini-game mod
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Sat Jan 06 10:59:39 CST 2024
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Find the Button! Map

This Minecraft mod contains 8 minimaps.Are you up for the challenge? In the popular mini-game, you'll embark on a treasure hunt through 8 carefully designed levels to finally find the hidden button!

Each level will take you into a new world full of surprises and puzzles. You might find yourself in a dense jungle, a mysterious cave, or even outer space! Observe the map carefully, use your logical thinking and keen insight, every corner may be a hiding place for buttons. ✨

As the level progresses, the difficulty will gradually increase. You need to solve ingenious mechanisms, avoid cunning traps, and you may even face unexpected enemies! But don't worry, just stay calm and use your wits, and I believe you will find the ultimate victory.

Are you ready to start this exciting adventure? Hurry up and join this mini-game that is popular all over the map, embark on a treasure hunting journey, and become the best explorer!


How to install minecraft map?


Find the downloaded file on your phone.

Open the file using any file manager.

In your file manager, find and open the file named "mcworld".

The map will be automatically installed into Minecraft.


Receive maps on your device.

The map will be automatically installed into Minecraft.

Windows 10

Go to the folder where you downloaded the file.

Find the file named "mcworld" in the folder.

Double-click the file to install the map.​

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