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Police Vehicles Mod

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Police Vehicles Mod
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Sat Mar 09 16:01:51 CST 2024
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Hit the Sirens! Minecraft Bedrock Gets a Fully Loaded Police Fleet!

Calling all Minecraft Bedrock Edition law enforcers!  The ultimate police vehicle addon roars into action, bringing a fleet of tricked-out police cruisers straight to your blocky world.

Gear Up and Patrol in Style:

  • ** Police Car:** Cruise the streets in a classic police car with ample seating for your patrol team (seats 4).

  • ** Police Pickup:** Haul cargo and tackle off-road pursuits with the versatile police pickup (seats 2, includes a 27-slot inventory).

  • ️ Police Motorbike: Speed through tight spaces and chase down criminals on the agile police motorbike (seat 1).

  • ** Prisoner Transport Truck:** Securely transport apprehended criminals in the official prisoner transport truck (seats 12).

  • ** Police Helicopter:** Take to the skies for aerial surveillance and high-speed chases with the maneuverable police helicopter (seats 5).

  • ** Police Boat:** Patrol waterways and enforce the law on the high seas with the sleek police boat (seats 4).

Immerse Yourself in the Action:

  • Sound the Alarm: Every vehicle features realistic and immersive police vehicle sound effects, bringing your chases to life!

  • Full Animation Power: Witness the thrill of the chase with fully animated vehicles! Spinning wheels, turning handlebars, helicopter blade rotations, and more create a dynamic police experience.

Unleash the Inner Officer:

Download the police vehicle addon today and transform your Minecraft Bedrock Edition world into a bustling center of law enforcement!

This mod is not available for download here. Please visit the official mod page for download and installation instructions.


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