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Player Corpse Mod

date date Tue Nov 21 15:52:24 CST 2023"
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Player Corpse Mod
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Tue Nov 21 15:52:24 CST 2023
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Addon: Player Corpse - modsgamer.com

Safeguard Your Valuables with Player Corpse: A Revolutionary Minecraft Addon

Experience a safer Minecraft world with the Player Corpse addon, introducing a novel approach to protecting your precious items upon death. This innovative addon ensures that your belongings remain secure, except when lost in the fiery depths of lava.

Your Corpse: A Guardian of Your Loot

Upon your demise, the Player Corpse addon spawns a skeletal representation of your fallen character at the exact location of your passing. Equipped with Death Coordinates, you can easily locate your corpse and reclaim your valuable possessions.

Addon: Player Corpse - modsgamer.com

Addon: Player Corpse - modsgamer.com

Retrieving Your Loot with Ease

Simply interact with your corpse to activate a user-friendly interface that allows you to recover your lost items. Whether you need a specific item or intend to reclaim everything, the choice is yours.

Addon: Player Corpse - modsgamer.com

Addon: Player Corpse - modsgamer.com

Preventing Unintentional Destruction

To prevent accidental destruction of your corpse, a confirmation prompt appears when you attack it. This "Are You Sure?" message serves as a safeguard, allowing you to make an informed decision about preserving your corpse or reducing it to dust.

Addon: Player Corpse - modsgamer.com

Embrace a Safer Minecraft Experience

The Player Corpse addon empowers you to venture into the world of Minecraft with greater peace of mind, knowing that your hard-earned items remain safe even in the face of adversity. This innovative feature adds a layer of security and convenience to your gameplay experience.

How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature

Addon: Player Corpse - modsgamer.com 

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