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Piranha Mod
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Dive into Danger: Encounter Piranhas in Minecraft with the Piranha Addon!

Calling all Minecraft adventurers!

Spice up your next aquatic adventure with the Piranha Addon, introducing these iconic carnivorous fish to the Minecraft world!

Swim with Caution:

  • Vicious Yet Balanced: Piranhas add a thrilling layer of danger to your underwater exploration. Encounter schools of these detailed, textured fish lurking in jungle rivers.

  • Predatory Power: While not actively targeting players, piranhas ferociously attack smaller mobs caught in their path. Even a ravager can fall victim to a piranha swarm!

  • Respect the Bite: Avoid provoking piranhas, as even a single bite can be painful. Remember, you're not on their menu, but remain cautious!

Tame the Unruly:

  • The Rare Find: Encounter a unique brown-bellied piranha, a solitary creature avoiding both its kin and other mobs.

  • Befriend the Fierce: Lure this special piranha with any meat (excluding fish and cooked options) and transform it into your loyal underwater companion!

  • Guiding Light: Your tamed piranha follows you faithfully within water, offering protection against hostile mobs during your aquatic escapades.

Coming Soon!

  • Enhanced Functionality: Stay tuned for exciting future updates, including the ability to capture piranhas in buckets and explore their potential uses.

Download the Piranha Addon today and add a thrilling aquatic predator to your Minecraft world!


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