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Pig Race Mini-Game Map

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Pig Race Mini-Game Map
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Saddle Up for Hilarious Hijinks in the Pig Race Mini-Game!

Calling all Minecraft jockeys! Gear up for some side-splitting fun in the Pig Race Mini-Game map. This hilarious challenge throws you in the saddle of your very own pig, carrot rod in hand, for a race to the finish line filled with obstacles and wacky surprises.

Embrace the Oink:

  • Race Your Way to Victory: Compete against up to 7 friends in a frantic pig race across a whimsical track. Steer your pig with a carrot rod, navigate tricky obstacles, and leave your competitors in the dust!

  • Obstacle Extravaganza: Prepare to face a hilarious gauntlet of challenges, from ramps and jumps to strategically placed hay bales. Master the course and outmaneuver your opponents for ultimate bragging rights.

  • Lucky Block Lottery: Keep your eyes peeled for lucky blocks scattered along the track! These mysterious cubes can either grant you a helpful boost or throw an unexpected curveball into your race.

Unbridled Fun and Flexibility:

  • Seamless Self-Repairing Map: No more worries about map corruption! The Pig Race Mini-Game automatically repairs itself, ensuring endless fun for you and your friends.

  • Immersive Enhancements: Enjoy a fully immersive experience with custom models, sound effects, and animations that bring the pig race to life.

  • Adjustable Difficulty: Want to crank up the challenge? Simply activate or deactivate the "piggy hits" option, adding an extra layer of strategy to your race.

  • Solo Testing Available: Don't have a crew ready? No problem! Test the map and hone your pig-riding skills in single-player mode.

  • Bug Squashing Made Easy: Encounter any map glitches? Simply run the "/function reset" command to get things back on track.

Download the Pig Race Mini-Game map today and prepare for a squeal-worthy good time!


 How to install?
Android: you need to find the downloaded file on your phone, use any file manager for this and import the map into the game by opening it.
IOS: after receiving the map, the device itself will offer to install it.
Windows 10: go to the folder where the files are downloaded, find mcworld there and activate it.

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