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Philippine Army Addon

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Philippine Army Addon
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Fri Oct 06 14:24:48 CST 2023
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Addon: Philippine Army - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft mod addon focuses on the Philippine Armed Forces and includes a range of weapons, armor, uniforms, and other basic items to aid players in their Minecraft adventures.

The weapons in this pack are designed with realism in mind, featuring realistic sounds, animations, and models. While the current selection includes a variety of guns, more weapons and vehicles will be added in the future.

The gear and weapons in this pack have been carefully designed to be consistent with those used by real-life AFPs. Players will have access to a range of guns, including older weapons like the M3 Grease Gun, upgraded older guns like the MSSR, and newer modern guns like the R4a3 Carbine.

Addon: Philippine Army - modsgamer.com 

Here is a wall with the icons for the gear and firearms (old uniform not in photo)Addon: Philippine Army - modsgamer.com 

Field stripped m16a1 rifle (same rifle used by GIs in the Vietnam War)

Addon: Philippine Army - modsgamer.com

Soldier with Daewoo k3 light machine gun Addon: Philippine Army - modsgamer.com 

Daewoo K3 being firedAddon: Philippine Army - modsgamer.com 

M16a1 being firedAddon: Philippine Army - modsgamer.com 

Function Commands

  • USE /function help to get extra info on the pack

  • USE /function allguns to get all firearms

  • USE /function allammo to get all magazines

  • USE /function clearlag to kill all bullet entities

Addon: Philippine Army - modsgamer.com

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