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P745's Missiles Mod

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P745's Missiles Mod
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Fri Feb 23 17:36:33 CST 2024
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Unleash Mayhem with the Explosive World of Destruction Addon!

Crave epic destruction in Minecraft? Descend into chaos with the World of Destruction addon! Rain down missiles, control explosive drones, and even ride a hovering bomb - all in your quest for ultimate mayhem!

Key Features:

  • Launch Devastating Missiles:

    • Normal Missile: Explodes on impact, leaving nothing but dust.

    • Scatter Missile: Unleashes a shower of mini-bombs for area-of-effect destruction.

    • Black Hole Missile: Summons a temporary black hole for ultimate devastation.

    • Marker Beacons guide your missiles to pinpoint accuracy.

    • Craft and launch three unique types:

  • Ride a Hover Bomb:

    • Blast through the air on this explosive chariot before it detonates!

    • Control it with WASD and arrows for aerial acrobatics.

    • Enjoy 10 seconds of grace to take flight before the sensors engage.

  • Deploy Autonomous Defenses:

    • Rapid Launcher: Tames with redstone to unleash homing explosive missiles against nearby threats. (Currently creative-only)

    • Light Drone: Follow you with a helpful light source, activated by redstone. (Currently creative-only)

    • Fast Drone: Attack enemies with rapid energy bolts, activated by redstone. (Currently creative-only)

  • Intuitive Targeting System:

    • Assign channels to markers and launchers to direct destruction with ease.

    • Monitor current channel in-game for seamless coordination.

Please Note:

  • Holiday Creator Features: This addon requires them enabled for proper functionality.

  • Creative Mode Access: Some features are currently limited to creative mode, but future updates will expand their accessibility.

  • Respect the Creator: Enjoy the addon responsibly and follow the usage guidelines.

Download World of Destruction today and unleash the chaos within!


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