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Ore Generator Block Mod

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Ore Generator Block Mod
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Wed Oct 11 18:28:14 CST 2023
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Addon: Ore Generator Block - modsgamer.com

Ore generator plugin

1.Brand new ore generator plug-in, giving you a Skyblock-like experience!

2.Where the previous version only had a single generator block, the new version has 3 tiers of overworld ore generators, each with different ores and rarities, and a fourth tier that generates nether blocks.

3.Now you can easily get all the minerals you need to build your dream home!

The chances for each block being generated are as follows:

  • Cobblestone - 32%

  • Coal - 10.66%

  • Copper - 3.55%

  • Iron - 17.77%

  • Redstone - 8.88%

  • Lapis - 7.11%

  • Gold - 13.38%

  • Diamond - 2.66%

  • Emerald - 2.66%

  • Ancient Debris - 0.888%

The generator block can also be crafted by filling every slot in the crafting grid with cobblestone.

Addon: Ore Generator Block - modsgamer.com

Addon: Ore Generator Block - modsgamer.com

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