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OP Maps Mod
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Addon: OP Maps - modsgamer.com

Minecraft OP Maps Addon: Elevate Your Exploration with Map Markers, Mob Radar, and Diamond Locator!

This groundbreaking Minecraft addon introduces three invaluable tools to enhance your exploration experience:

  • Map Markers: Easily mark locations on your map for future reference. Toggle their visibility using custom items.

  • Mob Radar: Detect nearby mobs with a user-friendly radar display. Turn the radar on or off with dedicated items. Red dots with white borders represent mobs, while other red dots indicate giant mushrooms.

  • Diamond Locator: Uncover diamond deposits with a convenient depth indicator. The numbers don't represent diamond quantities but indicate the depth at which diamonds can be found. For instance, "6" suggests diamonds at -60 level.

Mod details

You MUST enable Holiday Creator Experiments

You should receive a shulkerbox full of the items needed to operate the map when you first enter the world.  It only seems to be working about 50% of the time.  
I am working on a solution, but in the meantime, all of the items are available in the spawn eggs section of the creative inventory
- OR -
You can type in"/tag @s remove setup"and the shulker will instantly appear in your inventory

This screenshot shows what the basic markers look like.  You can turn them on and off with custom items.

Addon: OP Maps - modsgamer.com 

This screenshot shows what the radar looks like.  You can turn the radar off and on with custom items.
The mobs are the red dots with white around them.  The other red dots are giant mushrooms.

Addon: OP Maps - modsgamer.com 

Diamond Locator:
This screenshot shows the Diamond Location system.  The numbers DO NOT represent how many diamonds are at each location. They indicate the depth you need to dig to in order to reach the diamonds.   

Number Guide:
"6" - Diamonds at -60 level
"5" - Diamonds in the -50s
"4" - Diamonds in the -40s
"3" - Diamonds in the -30s

Addon: OP Maps - modsgamer.com 

How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature

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