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Only Dimensional Mod

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Only Dimensional Mod
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Explore Uncharted Territories: Only Dimensional Addon for Minecraft!

Calling all Minecraft adventurers! Craft your pickaxe and prepare to traverse uncharted dimensions with the Only Dimensional Addon!

Unveil Hidden Realms:

  • Four Unique Worlds:  Break free from the confines of the Overworld! Choose from four distinct dimensions – Diamond, Emerald, Ancient Debris, and Bedrock – each offering a unique landscape and resource distribution.

  • Natural Generation:  Explore vibrant worlds teeming with naturally generated structures like villages and strongholds, just like the Overworld.  Discover hidden treasures and embark on captivating adventures!

  • Challenge Awaits:  For the truly intrepid, conquer the formidable Bedrock dimension, a realm of immense difficulty for seasoned Minecraft veterans.

Streamlined Gameplay:

  • Simple Setup:  Activate the Only Dimensional behavior pack effortlessly within your Minecraft settings. No complex configurations needed!

  • Addon Compatibility:  Enjoy seamless integration with your favorite Minecraft addons.  Focus on exploration and resource gathering without compatibility issues. (Note: Biome mods may not be supported)

  • Prioritize Your Adventure:  Place the Only Dimensional behavior pack at the top of your addon list for optimal functionality. Let the exploration begin!


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