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One Block Minecraft 1.20+

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One Block Minecraft 1.20+
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Wed Dec 13 18:31:30 CST 2023
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One Block Minecraft 1.20+ - modsgamer.com

Explore the endless possibilities with OneBlock!

This map contains 13 different themed levels ranging from forests, caves, and snow to deserts, badlands, jungles, oceans, abandoned mines, the nether, fortresses, and the endless world.

Players will start from a small island and explore, adventure and survive in various levels.

At the forest level, players can collect resources, build houses, and tame animals.

In the cave level, players can explore the mysterious underground world and search for treasures.

In other levels, players can also experience different challenges and fun.

This map is very well made and every level is cleverly designed.

The developers have also added rich teaching content to the map to help players get started quickly.

Players who like OneBlock must not miss this map!

One Block Minecraft 1.20+ - modsgamer.com

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