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Not So Big Nautilus Mod

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Not So Big Nautilus Mod
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Thu Feb 29 17:31:41 CST 2024
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Dive into the Depths with Diverse Nautiluses: Introducing the Nautilus Expansion Addon!

Embark on an underwater adventure with the Nautilus Expansion Addon, introducing a captivating array of these fascinating creatures to your Minecraft world!

Unveiling Extant Species:

  • Chambered Nautilus: Encounter the most prevalent variant, inhabiting warm ocean coral reefs in small groups. This gentle giant boasts 20 health and deals 2 damage, occasionally dropping a nautilus shell and displaying an unexplained dislike for tropical fish. Breed them using a rabbit's foot to witness their adorable offspring.

  • Fuzzy Nautilus: Witness this unique nautilus with its characteristic algae coat. Sharing similar behavior and drops (nautilus shell) with its chambered cousin, the fuzzy nautilus is a rarer sight, spawning only 9 times less frequently. Additionally, it drops slime balls, reflecting its unique algae covering.

Exploring Experimental Entities:

  • Fuzzy Nautilus with Tracker: Encounter the rarest nautilus variant, equipped with a tracker on its back for easy identification. While sharing similar behavior to the average fuzzy nautilus, it lacks a baby variant and boasts an exciting loot table, dropping a nautilus shell, slime balls, and redstone dust.

  • Ammonites: Discover this non-spawning entity, created by renaming a nautilus "Ammonites." Larger and more formidable than its chambered cousin, the Ammonites boasts increased health and damage but lacks breeding capabilities and baby variants.

  • naut:redeye: Encounter the "Peter Ward" nautilus, a predecessor to the Ammonites with similar file structure. This test entity deals more damage than the Ammonites but possesses less health, compensating with a powerful 60-second regeneration effect.

Unveiling the Future:

The Nautilus Expansion Addon promises exciting upcoming features like delicious nautilus meat and the introduction of even more diverse nautilus types, further enriching your underwater exploration experience.

Additional Notes:

  • Enable Holiday Creator Features: Ensure this feature is activated for proper functionality.

  • Summon Ammonites: Utilize the provided commands to summon these unique entities.


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