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Ninja Mod
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Unleash Your Inner Ninja: Master Combat with the Ninja Tools & Armor Addon!

Calling all aspiring ninjas! Embark on your path to mastery with the Ninja Tools & Armor Addon! This exciting mod equips you with a deadly arsenal and protective gear, transforming you into a formidable warrior.

Sharpen Your Skills:

  • Master katana blades: Wield the Iron Katana for classic power or the Dark Steel Katana for unmatched sharpness, surpassing even netherite!

  • Embrace diverse weaponry: Utilize the Sai for close-quarters combat, the Dagger for stealthy strikes, and the Hook for grappling and surprise attacks.

  • Throw with precision: Unleash the stinging Shuriken for ranged assaults.

Unleash Lethal Techniques:

  • Craft with ease: All items are intuitively crafted at the workbench, allowing you to quickly equip yourself.

  • Dominate foes: Inflict significant damage on every mob, including the mighty Ender Dragon.

  • Boost your defense: The full Ninja Armor set offers impressive protection with a sleek, dark aesthetic.

Detailed Description:


  • Dark Fabric: Base material for the Ninja Armor.

  • Dark Steel: Forges the legendary Dark Steel Katana.

  • Iron Rod & Dark Steel Rod: Crafting components for katanas.

  • Throwables:

    • Shuriken: Deals 6 hearts damage, crafted with iron ingots.

    • Hook: Deals 4 hearts damage, teleports you upon throw.

    • Kunai: Deals 5 hearts damage, required for crafting the Hook.

  • Swords:

    • Iron Katana: Matches the power of a Diamond Sword.

    • Dark Steel Katana: Outperforms Diamond and Netherite Swords.

    • Sai: Offers 6 hearts damage, exceeding the Iron Sword.

    • Dagger: Matches the Stone Sword's damage, ideal for quick strikes.

  • Ninja Armor:

    • Helmet: Provides 1.5 armor points and 0.75 knockback resistance.

    • Chestplate: Grants 4 armor points and 0.75 knockback resistance.

    • Leggings: Offers 3 armor points and 0.75 knockback resistance.

    • Boots: Adds 1.5 armor points and 0.75 knockback resistance.

Why You'll Love This Addon:

  • Become a true ninja: Master diverse combat styles and weaponry.

  • Conquer any challenge: Face mobs and the Ender Dragon with confidence.

  • Look the part: Strike fear into enemies with the sleek Ninja Armor.

  • Simple to use: Craft items easily and jump right into the action.

Download the Ninja Tools & Armor Addon today and:

  • Unleash your inner ninja warrior!

  • Experience thrilling combat encounters.

  • Embrace the power and style of a true ninja!


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