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NewTools Mod
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Revamped and Ready for Action: New Items and Armor in the Classic NewTools Addon! 

Calling all Minecraft veterans! The nostalgia-fueled [Mod Name] addon is back, bigger and better than ever! This beloved add-on has been fully updated for the latest Minecraft versions, bringing a treasure trove of new items, armor, and tools to your survival world.

Get Geared Up with New Commands:

  • Quick Access: Use the handy in-game command /give @s new: to instantly add any item from the [Mod Name] addon to your inventory!

Mine Deeper with Prismarine Ore:

  • A Deep-Sea Treasure: Delve into the ocean depths (between Y levels 55 and 1) to discover Prismarine Ore, a new mineral exclusive to the [Mod Name] addon.

Amp Up Your Defenses with Powerful Shields:

  • Emerald Shield (Durability: 225): Defend yourself with an emerald shield, offering exceptional protection.

  • Quartz Shield (Durability: 200): Strike a balance between defense and resource cost with the quartz shield.

  • Prismarine Shield (Durability: 150): Channel the ocean's power with this unique prismarine shield.

  • Obsidian Shield (Durability: 250): For ultimate defense, craft the nigh-indestructible obsidian shield.

Craft Tools Built to Last:

  • Flint Tools: Craft a basic set of flint tools for early-game mining and combat.

  • Tiered Progression: As you progress through the game, forge progressively stronger tools from Prismarine, Quartz, Emerald, and even Obsidian!

  • Detailed Stats: Explore the complete list of tool stats (damage, durability, and block-breaking capabilities) on the official mod page (link not provided here).

Suit Up in Powerful Armor Sets:

  • Prismarine Armor (Conduit Power): Don the full prismarine armor set to gain the Conduit Power buff.

  • Quartz Armor (Speed): Move like lightning with the complete quartz armor set, granting you increased movement speed.

  • Emerald Armor (Village Hero): Earn the trust of villagers with the emerald armor set's Village Hero effect.

  • Obsidian Armor (Fire Resistance & Lava Immunity): Become impervious to flames and lava with the near-invincible obsidian armor set.

A Nostalgic Adventure Awaits!

The revamped NewTools  addon injects a wave of classic Minecraft charm into your modern world.  Download it today and explore a treasure trove of new items, armor, and tools to enhance your survival experience!



All mods on comes from user contributions and Internet, if you think there is any infringement, please let us know at [email protected], thank you!

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