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NewPotions Mod
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Unleash Magical Mayhem with Revamped Potions in the Potion Revival Mod!

Calling all Minecraft alchemists! Do you crave potent new concoctions and thrilling gameplay twists? The Potion Revival Mod breathes new life into your brewing experience, injecting 10 unique potions with game-changing effects, alongside revamped classics. Prepare to explore, experiment, and unleash your inner potion master!

Potion Power-Ups:

  • 5 Brand New Effects: Discover unprecedented abilities like magnetic attraction, underwater traversal, instant teleportation, immunity to negative effects, and illuminating auras.

  • Enhanced Classics: Familiar potions like Village Hero, Bad Omen, Conduit Power, and Saturation receive potency boosts and exciting new mechanics.

  • Endless Possibilities: Combine effects, brew strategically, and experiment to uncover game-changing synergies and tactical advantages.

Unveiling the Secrets:

  • Activate Experimental Mode: Ensure optimal functionality by enabling specific settings within Minecraft.

  • Command Convenience: Use the provided command to instantly acquire the new potions for immediate experimentation.

  • Visual Guide: Explore a handy image showcasing the new potions' location within the creative inventory.

Potion Pointers:

  • Potion Magnets: Draw nearby items within an 8-block radius, making inventory management a breeze.

  • Enchanted Step: Walk or run on water and lava, converting them to ice and netherrack respectively.

  • Teleport: Crouch and gaze at your destination for instant teleportation, opening up dynamic exploration possibilities.

  • Anti-Magic: Render yourself immune to negative effects, turning the tide in challenging encounters.

  • Potion Light: Illuminate your surroundings, banishing darkness and enhancing visibility in caves and at night.

Beyond the Brews:

  • Community Hub: Share your potion-powered adventures, discoveries, and brewing strategies with fellow players.

  • Future Updates: Stay tuned for exciting new concoctions, gameplay-altering effects, and ongoing mod enhancements.

Ready to embark on a potion-fueled adventure? Download the Potion Revival Mod today and experience the magic!


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