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New Mobs+ Mod
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Tue Dec 19 16:17:36 CST 2023
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Addon: New Mobs+ -

Unleash Adventure and Enchantment with this Thrilling Minecraft Mod!

Dive into a world of magic and mystery with this exciting new Minecraft mod! Packed with three unique mobs, 26 new items, a captivating magic system, and a mysterious structure, this mod promises endless exploration and exhilarating challenges.

Meet the New Denizens:

1.Goblins: These mischievous creatures, a blend of playful pups and treasure-hoarding piglins, reside in woodland huts. While initially wary, they can be tamed with gold ingots, transforming into loyal protectors. But beware, if you lack the golden touch, expect a rowdy reception!

2.Healers: These benevolent phantoms, resembling vibrant carpets, offer solace in the fiery depths of the Nether. Walk atop them and feel your wounds instantly mend, transforming them into living shields against infernal wrath.

3.Soul Ghosts: These ethereal beings dance amongst the Nether's desolate landscapes, stealing the essence of monsters with their haunting whispers. Capture them in bottles to fuel your magical endeavors or add a spectral touch to your base.

Unlock the Mystical Arts:

1.Arcane Alchemy: Craft the Magic Reactor, your gateway to powerful runes. Infuse amethyst with its potent energies, then combine it with various items to forge runes of varying intensity. The more reactors and items you use, the greater the rune's potency!

2.Crafting Secrets: Discover the intricate recipes for each rune, unleashing a spectrum of magical effects. Explode without harm, summon spectral allies, or unleash devastating fangs of magic – the possibilities are endless!

There are differents runes, with differents levels. But firstly you will need a magic reactor by crafting it like this :

Addon: New Mobs+ -

The runes are crafted like that :

Addon: New Mobs+ -
Addon: New Mobs+ -
Addon: New Mobs+ -

The item of the rune in red, and the red point on the item show the level of the rune. After the craft, you can place it like an entity egg on the ground.

And there are the differents runes :

The explosion rune

Addon: New Mobs+ -

This rune create an explosion without breaking any block


The fangs rune

Addon: New Mobs+ -

This rune create the same fangs than the evoker, the item needed is a new one : the magic fang, obtainable after killing an evoker

The damage rune

Addon: New Mobs+ -

This rune will give the damage effect to all mob walking on it. The zombies and skeletons will be immunised 

The health rune

Addon: New Mobs+ -

It's the opposite of the last one, if you walk on it you will be instantly healed !

The soul rune

Addon: New Mobs+ -

This rune will summon a lot of soul ghost, but they will despawn after a while. Believe me, it's beautiful.

The mining rune

Addon: New Mobs+ -

This rune will just dig down for you, nothing else.

Explore and Be Amazed:

1.Goblin Huts: Venture into the dense forests and uncover the elusive Goblin Huts. Within, find the mysterious Goblin Generator and chests overflowing with golden riches… if you survive the goblin guardians!

2.Soulsand Valley: Descend into the Nether's treacherous Soul Sand Valley, where Soul Ghosts flit amidst the tortured landscape. Capture their essence and harness their power to fuel your mystical creations.

Prepare for Enchantment:

Activate Experimental Settings: Remember, unleashing the full potential of this mod requires activating Minecraft's experimental gameplay features. Don't miss out on the magic!

Download this captivating mod today and embark on a fantastical journey through the enchanted lands of Minecraft! Craft runes, befriend mythical creatures, and uncover secrets hidden within the shadows. Let your imagination run wild and forge your own legend in this world of wonder

All mods on comes from user contributions and Internet, if you think there is any infringement, please let us know at [email protected], thank you!

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