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Naruto Battle Mod

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Naruto Battle Mod
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Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

The "Naruto Battle" add-on adds the character Naruto to Minecraft, allowing players to engage in 1v1 duels with him or explore the world with him. This add-on is very exciting and allows players to experience the world of Naruto.

Mod details

  • Naruto Base

This is the most basic form of Naruto and as most of us know it, Naruto Base is the only one that will appear in the world naturally or you can summon it through a craftable egg.Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com 

 When you defeat him, he will give you the following Items:

  • Rasengan jutsu. It is the most famous jutsu of our favorite ninja, You must use this either by pressing the screen or by right clicking. You can use it infinitely however when hitting it only has 2 uses but you can have it again after a few seconds.Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

  • Ninja band. It is apart from looking spectacular and making you look like the best ninja and it also gives you Speed II and Jump IV.

    Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

  • Shadow clones. These drop 1 life point and have 1 life point. You can summon them in groups of 1, 5, 25 and 50. You can use this ability infinitely. Between each use you should wait a bit.Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

Naruto Sannin.

This one will appear immediately after defeating base Naruto, Stronger and with special abilities it will be on average 50% more difficult than the previous one and believe me it will be noticeable although you will already have a couple of extra items to attack it. Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com 

When you defeat him, he will give you the following items: 

  • Rasen Shuriken. This is one of Naruto's strongest jutsus, it is capable of destroying an iron colem and causing great destruction. Use it wisely. You can use this Jutsu infinitely but you will have to wait a while between shots.Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

  • Ramen. This is a great food that will keep you full of energy for a long time. It also serves to tame allied Narutos. I recommend you always eat it.

Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com


    This is the super improved version of the previous 2, 50% stronger than the previous one and 100% stronger than the first one, this is the last stage but also the most difficult since it has skills when hitting it and I'm sure that you will suffer with his teleportation. Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com 

    When you defeat this Naruto, he will drop the following Items: 

    • Kunai God of Flying Thunder. This works like an ender pearl but much better since it goes very fast, has no gravity and is INFINITE.

    Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

    • Bijuu Rasen Shuriken. This is the strongest jutsu in all of Naruto and the most destructive, use it well or you could wipe out a village by yourself. This item is INFINITE but you will have to wait a certain amount of time between one shot and another.Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

    Naruto Allies 

    Naruto is not your enemy, he can also be your friend. Whenever you defeat Naruto's enemies, you will receive an egg from which will hatch happy Narutos who will help you destroy and kill zombies and any evil creatures. You can tell the good guys from the bad guys by their ninja's headbands, the good guys' headbands are blue and Kyuubi's are a strong yellow. Note that if you want Naruto to follow you, you have to feed them ramen.

    Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

    Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

    Addon: Naruto Battle - modsgamer.com

    How to use mod

     - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

     - Activate experimental game featur


    All mods on modsgamer.com comes from user contributions and Internet, if you think there is any infringement, please let us know at [email protected], thank you!

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