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Mystical Weapons Addon[11 New Weapons]

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Mystical Weapons Addon[11 New Weapons]
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Fri Mar 22 18:04:21 CST 2024
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Unleash Mystical Power: 11 New Weapons for Minecraft 1.18-1.20+

Craft Your Destiny!

Dominate your world with the Mystical Weapons addon! This epic addition to Minecraft 1.18-1.20+ introduces 11 brand new, craftable weapons, each boasting unique abilities to enhance your combat and support strategies.

From devastating offensive power to life-saving healing, this addon equips you for any encounter!

Unleash a Myriad of Skills:

  • Bolt Dagger: Pierce enemies with a ranged attack that damages anyone who touches it.

  • Golden Blade: Gain night vision for strategic nighttime dominance.

  • Great Axe of Nature: Create a protective shield that pushes back enemies and deals damage.

  • Soul Blade: Trap nearby mobs in a damaging orb for easy takedowns.

  • Sword of the Seas: Spin enemies in a watery vortex for massive damage (excluding the undead!).

  • Atlantic Spear: Rain down a barrage of spears upon your foes.

  • Atrocious Bident: Unleash a rapid volley of skull projectiles like a deadly SMG.

  • Blazing Knife: Become immune to fire for an extended duration.

  • Bleeding Katana: Supercharge your healing with a burst of regeneration.

  • Air Staff: Soar through the skies with levitation and slow falling.

  • Healing Staff: Become a battlefield medic by creating a healing aura for nearby allies.

Strategic Warfare:

Be mindful when wielding weapons with area-of-effect (AOE) skills like the Sword of the Seas and Soul Blade, as they can damage nearby allies!** The developer is actively working on an "ally system" to address this in future updates.

Craft, Conquer, and Dominate!

Download the Mystical Weapons addon today and transform your Minecraft experience!


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