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Mystic Land Mod[Medusa, Sirens and Mermaids,etc]

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Mystic Land Mod[Medusa, Sirens and Mermaids,etc]
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Tue Nov 14 18:29:44 CST 2023
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Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com

Minecraft Mystic Land Mod: Experience a World Filled with Creatures of Ancient Mythology!

This Minecraft mod adds a variety of creatures and items from ancient mythology to the game, including Medusa, sirens, mermaids, wyverns, and elemental ores.

Mod details


Health ❤️ - 200

Attack ⚔️ - 6

Medusa spawns in an underground temple that spawns around y level 14.

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

The Temple

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Medusa in her temple

A hostile creature that spawns in underground temples and turns players into stone statues if they look at it. Drops her head, which can be used to turn nearby mobs into stone.Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 


Health ❤️ - 55

Attack ⚔️ - 10

Sirens are hostile creatures that naturally spawn in the ocean. They have 55 health and do 10 attack damage. Their song blinds you and weakens you. They will attack you on land and in water. 

Sirens can drag you into the water so be careful.

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

They drop Siren scales can be crafted into armor.


Health ❤️ - 55

Mermaids are peaceful creatures that provide regeneration to nearby creatures when they sing and spawn naturally in the ocean.

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Mermaids drop scales which can be crafted into armor.


Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Mermaid and Siren Armor

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Crafted like normal armor, they provide a set bonus of better underwater vision, faster breaking speed and water breathing. Armor is as good as iron.

Mermaid and Siren Sword

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Siren sword gives weakness and blindness to you opponents and mermaid sword gives you regeneration. Both swords are as good as netherite.

Wyvern Wings

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Currently cannot be crafted. These wings allow you fly upwards and slowfall. To fly up look upwards, do go down look down. Flying for a long time is going to cause you to get hungry very quickly.

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Fairy Wings

These wings use the same control as the wyvern wings.

Elemental Ores

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Drop gems that can be used to craft wyvern tools. Generate from y level 64 to -64, and are more likely to be found near large iron ore veins.


Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

In the future update these will be used to hatch wyvern eggs.

Elemental Bricks

Wyvern Tools

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Each sword has a special ability,

  • Fire - Lights mobs on fire

  • Ice - Freezes mobs

  • Lightning - Summons lightnings on mobs

  • Forest - Poisons mobs you hit

  • Earth - Deals lots of knockback

The tools are good as netherite.

Mermaid/Siren Tails

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

These are crafted with the mermaid tail scales, they allow you to breathe underwater and swim faster, they can be used together with the mermaid/siren armor.

Elemental Crystals

Each element spawns in its respective geode. These crystals currently have no use, but will in the future update.

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Fire geode spawns in the nether, outer layer is smooth basalt, middle layer is pyrite ( fool's gold ). Can be used to craft a weaker version of the golden apple.
Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Lightning geode spawns in the end. Outer layer is voidstone middle layer is reformed endstone.

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 
Ice geode spawns in cold biomes like ice spikes or deep oceans.

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 
Forest geode spawns under forest biomes, like the jungle.

Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 
Earth geode spawns under all overworld biomes except cold and forest biomes.


Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

Crafted with a stick and one ore. Deals one less damage than a sword.

Wyvern Armor

Currently they are as good as netherite, in the future update they will help you fight against the respective wyverns.
Addon: Mystic Land - modsgamer.com 

How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature 

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