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Morphing Bracelet Mod

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Morphing Bracelet Mod
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Fri Dec 01 18:40:11 CST 2023
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Addon: Morphing Bracelet - modsgamer.com

Unleash Extraordinary Morphing Abilities with This Enchanting Minecraft Addon

Embrace a transformative Minecraft experience with the Morphing Bracelet addon, empowering you to morph into a diverse array of mobs, each possessing unique abilities and characteristics.

Craft Your Morphing Bracelet

To unlock the power of morphing, assemble the Morphing Bracelet by combining four Soul Soils and one Souls in a Glass, arranged as depicted in the provided image.

Discover the Souls in a Glass

Obtain the Souls in a Glass by smelting Soul Sand in a furnace. This versatile item not only serves as a crafting component but also doubles as a weapon, capable of inflicting blindness on other entities for a duration of 10 seconds.

Explore the Mobs

The Morphing Bracelet grants access to a captivating collection of mobs, each offering distinct gameplay possibilities. More mobs are in development, expanding the realm of morphing possibilities.

Mod details
To craft this item, you need 4 Soul Soils and 1 Souls in a Glass and place them like how they are placed on the image below:Addon: Morphing Bracelet - modsgamer.com 

Souls in a Glass

To be able to obtain this item, you have to smelt soul sand in a furnace. This item isn't only used for crafting the bracelet, you can also use this as a weapon for other players. You can throw this item and hit other entities and it will give them blindness for 10 seconds.


Mobs Information (More mobs coming soon!)


  • Hearts: 7

  • Abilities: Underwater breathing, five color variants, enhanced swimming speed, immunity to drowned, guardian, and elder guardian attacks, drowning in air after 5 minutes, baby variant, faster underwater mining

Baby Axolotl:

  • Hearts: Smaller hearts than adult axolotl

  • Abilities: Smaller hitbox, growth into an adult axolotl, cuteness


  • Hearts: 3

  • Abilities: Traversing one-block holes, immunity to monster attacks, flying in survival mode (Education Edition required)


  • Hearts: 5

  • Abilities: Navigating half-block spaces, flight in survival mode, stinging and poisoning targets, pollen collection from flowers, crop pollination, pollen storage in beehives or bee nests for honey level increase, random death upon losing the stinger

Baby Bee:

  • Hearts: Smaller hearts than adult bee

  • Abilities: Smaller hitbox, growth into an adult bee


  • Hearts: 10

  • Abilities: Flight in survival mode (Education Edition required), projectile-firing item for launching fireballs, vulnerability to water and rain, increased damage when struck by snowballs, immunity to lava and fire, slow falling without fall damage, non-aggression from monsters except Iron Golems and Snow Golems


  • Hearts: 5

  • Abilities: Variety of breed variants, creeper and phantom scaring, immunity to fall damage, tamed variant with sitting ability, baby variant

Baby Cat:

  • Hearts: Smaller hearts than adult cat

  • Abilities: Traversing half-block holes, smaller hitbox, growth into an adult cat

Tamed Cat:

  • Distinguishable collar around the neck

  • Collar color customization by other players

Breed Variants:

  • Eleven distinct cat breeds, each with baby and tamed variants

Cave Spider:

  • Hearts: 6

  • Abilities: Smaller size than normal spider, attack damage of one heart, poison infliction on targets, immunity to monster attacks, wall climbing (broken on Mobile), glowing eyes in the dark, aggression from Iron Golems and Snow Golems, immunity to poison, traversing half-block holes


  • Hearts: 2

  • Abilities: Traversing one-block holes, immunity to monster attacks, no fall damage, floating when falling, aggression from ocelots and foxes

Baby Chicken:

  • Hearts: Smaller hearts than adult chicken

  • Abilities: Traversing half-block holes, inability to lay eggs, smaller hitbox, growth into an adult chicken


  • Hearts: 1.5

  • Abilities: Underwater breathing, enhanced swimming speed, inability to breathe air, faster underwater mining


  • Hearts: 5

  • Abilities: Traversing slabs (Java sneaking mechanics), immunity to monster attacks, baby variant, milkability

Baby Cow:

  • Hearts: Smaller hearts than adult cow

  • Inability to be milked

  • Smaller hitbox

  • Growth into an adult cow


  • Hearts: 10

  • Abilities: Immunity to monster attacks, charged variant with sneaking-triggered explosion, cancellation of explosion by ceasing to sneak, transformation into charged creeper upon lightning strike, fear of cats

Charged Creeper:

  • Significantly larger explosion (equivalent to charged creeper)

  • Blue aura surrounding the body


  • Hearts: 5

  • Abilities: Faster underwater mining, attack damage of 1.5 hearts, enhanced underwater swimming speed, fitting through one-block spaces, underwater breathing for 4 minutes followed by 2 minutes of air breathing (mimicking dolphin behavior), baby variant

Baby Dolphin:

  • Hearts: Smaller hearts than adult dolphin

  • Smaller hitbox

  • Growth into an adult dolphin


  • Hearts: 10

  • Abilities: Villager fleeing, rapid swimming

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How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature

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