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More Vehicles Mod

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More Vehicles Mod
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Ditch the Walking! Unleash the Ultimate Vehicle Experience with Vehicle Mania!

Tired of traversing Minecraft on foot? Vehicle Mania injects a shot of high-octane fun into your world with a whopping 15 awesome vehicles to choose from!

From high-speed thrills to essential services, here's what awaits you:

  • Zoom Around in Style: Cruise in sleek F1 racing cars, conquer deserts in speedy dune buggies, or navigate any terrain with powerful SUVs.

  • Become a Public Service Hero: Fight fires with a fully functional fire engine, offer medical assistance with the ambulance, or maintain law and order with the police car and motorbike.

  • Build Your Business Empire: Start your own taxi service, offering rides to friends and villagers for a fee.

  • Bring the Fun: Serve up smiles with the ice cream truck (requires MNO Junk Food Addon) or create a mobile pizzeria with the pizza truck (requires MNO Junk Food Addon).

Finding Your Ride:

Locate a friendly Used Car Salesman (identified by lethal creeper-fighting skills) residing in birch forests, sunflower plains, or flower fields during the day. These guys trade vehicles for emeralds, so stock up! Don't worry if they don't have your dream ride – find another salesman!

Vehicle Features:

Most vehicles are monster-proof and boast unique biome-specific performance. For instance, taxis struggle in deserts but dune buggies excel. All vehicles drop a spawn egg upon player destruction, but be careful – cactus collisions won't leave a trace!

Ready to revolutionize your Minecraft world? Download Vehicle Mania today and experience the ultimate transportation adventure!



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