More TNT Addon

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More TNT Addon
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Unleash Explosive Mayhem with the More TNT Addon for Minecraft!

Detonate a Symphony of Destruction with Enhanced Explosives!

Prepare to elevate your Minecraft gameplay to explosive new heights with the More TNT Addon! This mod introduces an arsenal of real-world explosives, from classic dynamite and grenades to fire-starting Molotov cocktails and devastating TNT guns. And if that's not enough, strap in for the ultimate detonation with the inclusion of rockets and a nuclear bomb!

Key Features:

  • Expanded Explosive Arsenal: Experience the thrill of a wider range of explosives, each with unique effects and destructive capabilities.

  • Enhanced Realism: Immerse yourself in the realistic behavior and impact of these explosives, adding a new layer of excitement to your Minecraft adventures.

  • Unleash Explosive Creativity: Utilize the diverse array of explosives to create elaborate demolition projects, set up thrilling traps, or engage in epic explosive battles.

This mod is perfect for:

  • Minecraft players seeking an adrenaline rush and more explosive gameplay.

  • Fans of realistic and immersive experiences within the Minecraft world.

  • Creative minds eager to explore new possibilities and unleash explosive mayhem.


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