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Mob Survival: Revived Minecraft Map

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Mob Survival: Revived Minecraft Map
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Sat Mar 23 17:09:30 CST 2024
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Mob Survival: REVIVED - Can You Survive the Relentless Horde?

Test your mettle in Mob Survival: REVIVED, a thrilling Minecraft minigame that throws wave after wave of increasingly difficult mobs at you!

A Challenge Awaits:

You've stumbled upon an unsettling urban myth about mysterious ruins near your village. Curiosity gets the better of you, and your exploration takes a terrifying turn. Now trapped, you must fight for your survival against a relentless onslaught of mobs!

20 Waves of Pure Adrenaline:

  • Endure the Onslaught: Survive a grueling 20-wave onslaught of escalating mob difficulty. Sharpen your combat skills and strategize effectively to overcome each wave's challenges.

  • Farewell Legacy: This is the definitive edition of Mob Survival! The original version can still be experienced here: link to Legacy version.

New Features Abound:

  • Revamped Economy: Gear up for battle with a completely revised item shop! Prices have been significantly adjusted for a more balanced experience.

  • Strategic Shopping: No more automatic teleports after each wave! You'll only teleport back to the shop when inside it, adding a strategic layer to your resource management.

  • Expanded Inventory: The shop boasts a wider selection of items to purchase, while Jarv, the friendly merchant, is now willing to buy back more of your unwanted items.

  • Enhanced Lore & Clarity: New written books replace the outdated ones, providing clearer instructions and explanations. Chest contents have also been slightly tweaked for a more balanced gameplay experience.

  • Hidden Treasures: Keep your eyes peeled! A coveted Netherite ingot awaits those who can locate its secret hiding place.

  • Honesty at Last: Rejoice! Arc, the once-deceptive merchant, now offers transparent pricing on all his gear.

Unlisted Tweaks:

  • Death & Respawn: Dying comes with a consequence - a 60-second respawn timer awaits. Plan your tactics carefully!

  • Progressive Rewards: The cash reward per kill increases every 5 waves, giving you a nice financial boost as you progress.

  • A Welcoming Lobby: The lobby has been redesigned for a more inviting atmosphere.

  • Immersive Introduction: A brand new starting cutscene sets the stage for your epic survival adventure.

  • Bug Squashing: The code has been meticulously combed over and optimized to eliminate pesky bugs, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

Download Mob Survival: REVIVED today and see if you have what it takes to emerge victorious against the relentless mob horde!


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