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Minecraft Rifles Addon

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Minecraft Rifles Addon
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Fri Dec 08 18:11:37 CST 2023
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Experience a whole new level of hunting with the Minecraft Rifle add-on. This add-on replaces the crossbow and bow in the game with the iconic real-life single-shot rifle, the Winchester 1885.

Bows and crossbows have been transformed into Winchester 1885 to provide players with a realistic hunting experience. Additionally, a "Scoped" version of the Winchester 1885 is available for increased precision and accuracy. Get ready for a thrilling hunting adventure in Minecraft with these realistic guns.

Addon: Minecraft Rifles - modsgamer.com

Addon: Minecraft Rifles - modsgamer.com

 Range is Improved greatly.Addon: Minecraft Rifles - modsgamer.com 

 The Minecraft Rifle's Add-On also modifies the damage and sound effects of the Winchester 1885. In addition, this weapon is capable of breaking weak blocks such as pumpkins, watermelons, glass, pane_glass, bamboo, chain, lanterns, ice, flower pots, leaves, and more. Get ready for an immersive hunting experience with realistic sound effects and the ability to break through various blocks in Minecraft.Addon: Minecraft Rifles - modsgamer.com Please be aware that hostile mobs such as skeletons, pillagers, or any other mob that uses the original Minecraft bow and crossbow will have their weapons replaced with the Rifle's in this add-on. The Rifle's power will be equally potent against both you and these mobs. Exercise caution as you engage in battles with these formidable opponents armed with the same powerful rifles as yourself.


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