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Minecraft Battlegrounds - Gun Mod

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Minecraft Battlegrounds - Gun Mod
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Unleash the Battlefield in Minecraft: Guns, Armor, and More with the Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon!

Calling all Minecraft warriors and battle royale enthusiasts!  The Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon injects a thrilling dose of PUBG and Fortnite action into your favorite sandbox game.  Gear up with an arsenal of weapons, armor, and structures inspired by these iconic titles, transforming your Minecraft world into a battleground arena!

Become a Battle Royale Champion:

  • Weaponized Minecraft: This addon brings a wealth of new firearms and explosives to Minecraft, including machine guns, grenades, and pistols. Embrace the thrill of close-quarters combat and strategic firefights with your friends.

  • Fortify Your Position: Craft a variety of defensive structures inspired by PUBG and Fortnite. Build walls, forts, and other strategic outposts to secure your position and outlast your opponents in the battle royale arena.

  • Armor Up for Victory: Don sturdy armor sets reminiscent of PUBG and Fortnite, providing crucial protection against enemy attacks as you fight for survival.

  • PUBG in Minecraft Bedrock: Minecraft Battlegrounds brings the core PUBG experience, complete with weapons, armor, and structures, to the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Gather your friends, choose your landing zone, and prepare for battle!

Download the Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon Today!

Transform your Minecraft world into a battle royale spectacle with the Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon.  Wield powerful weapons, fortify your defenses, and don protective armor as you wage war against your friends.  Experience the thrill of PUBG and Fortnite within the familiar world of Minecraft. Download now and become the ultimate Minecraft Battlegrounds champion!


 Minecraft Battlegrounds - Gun Addon  

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